Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First Wig Review And New Cosplay Plans!

Hello again! It's been a while since my last post...

I've been pretty busy with school stuff and my personal life, and to be honest i didn't have any time to think about blogging or anything alike. I still have a few ideas what to post about, and since my newest wig came in the mail i thought id make a review about it! I took some photos with my phone's camera, but it's not the best one so the pics might be blurry/yellow due to the lighting ect. Also my clothes are bad colored (i just put on anything comfortable i found lol) and i don't have makeup on either so please don't call the fashion police!
(Disclaimer; i didn't get paid to do this and it's my personal review!)

The seller was CosplaySalon on eBay. I've bought 3 wigs from them in total, and they have always been great! My first 2 wigs from them came in the same package, but due to the Finland's postal strike last year it took almost a month for them to arrive... The estimated delivery is about 5 days from Britain to Finland. So i didn't get the wigs for the con in time. It was probably my first con without cosplaying? The con was fun nonetheless!
But i have to say that their prices aren't the most budget friendly, since one wig costs about 25 euros. This wig cost me 27€ in total with shipping. It's pretty reasonable that the prices are higher, since the shop is in Britain tho.
Here's the seller's pic of the wig. My wig looked exactly the same!

This is what the package looks like unopened!
The first thing is that i really like their packaging choice. It's like a thick aluminum foil or something alike? I'm not sure what material it is, but it's still cool and protects the contents too!

Ahhh, a fresh wig straight outta the bag!
My first impression was that the colour what a slightly more gray than in the seller's photos? It's possible that my room's light sucks and changes the colour a bit. I don't have any pictures in outdoor light since it's REALLY cold in Lapland, almost -30 degrees and tbh my first idea would never be to hurry outside and freeze with my wig on to take a few pics of it. (Sorry!)

Now out of the second bag!
Actually, if you count the wig came in 3 different bags. The postage bag, CosplaySalon's fancy aluminum bag and finally the wig's own plasticbag. *insert a bag meme here*

Now for the pics where my horrible natural face will scare the possible readers (jk)
Smile Precure is my guilty pleasure

In the pic i already cut the bangs, since they weren't cut ready. Honestly i HATE cutting wigs, because i always cut wrong and then i cry. This time the only bad thing was that i cut them oblique (i'm not sure if that's the right word?) Fortunately i can just move the wig a bit and it looks like they are straight. Curse you 1cm which went wrong!!
Also, the bangs look funny in the pic since i haven't styled them at all. My head looks like a perfect circle with the wig on....

In my last post about my Närcon cosplay plans, they have changed a little bit. Now my plans are still the Choir Umi, but i will make Alter Saber later this year since i can't get worbla in time for Närcon. Also SenbonZakura Luka is a huge question mark since i'm pretty sure i can't make the cosplay in time. So Choir Umi and Vanilla H from Galaxy Angel are my current sure cosplays for Närcon Vinter and for reserve i have the Love Live school unifrom. (I should make a new post about this!)
My plan is to use one of the clips on the back and straighten the curls to be more like Vanilla H's. Luckily the wig is coloured more like her hair is in the anime version! First i thought about making the visual novel ver of Vanilla but after binge watching the whole anime i'm more fond of the anime Vanilla. And the visual novel Vanilla doesn't carry Normad around so i really want to make the anime version, since Vanilla HAS to torture carry Normad! I actually bought a licensed Normad plushie from YahooJapan and now i'm waiting for it to arrive.

The only thing left is to cut the bangs more "wispy" or whatever it's called in English. I just need better shears for it. I'm scared ill cut them wrong again and destroy my wig ;_;

Ill definitely post more (and better) pics when i get a better camera and go outside. Well, when i get pics of my Vanilla cosplay then you can finally see the wig better! (Edited tho and not like the original look but still)

Overall id give this wig a score of 8/10.

Next time i will make a review of my new Umi Sonoda wig. It was a little disappointing but that's the story of my next post! (Maybe ill get better at reviewing things after a few posts... who knows)

Laavalapsi out!

Rip Normad


  1. Always great to hear about more trustable eBay stores! I have some that I frequent but yeah, whenever I need a wig that none of my usua sellers carry then I get worried and... sceptical about everything. xD
    I'm really picky with what sellers I buy from on eBay because yeah, there's a lot of sellers who steal photos or use same photos as 50+ other sellers, lol. It's so hard to know sometimes who sells the real wig that's shown on the pics...

    By the way, I think that the price you paid is fairly average; I personally wouldn't call it cheap. Then again, I'm always willing to pay a bit more for the sake of quality. For me those 10 dollar wigs are suspiciously cheap lol. :'D

    1. Oops... I meant to write expensive, not cheap. >_>
      I guess that's what you get when you write a comment but you are too focused on listening to the lyrics of a Hammerfall song. xD